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We are more than just a martial art, we are a family

We pride ourselves on having a progressive, inclusive and positive community while also producing some of the best martial artists in the country. Our focus is on creating a welcoming and judgement-free environment where students with various abilities and goals can become long term members of our community.

We aim to make world-class coaching and knowledge accessible to the local community and to practice the traditional core values of martial arts – positivity, unity, integrity and purpose, as well as honesty and respect – in all aspects of our lives.

Training martial arts is very different to other fitness activities and is a life-changing journey for most people. The care, consideration and trust we bring to the mats not only creates a safe and positive training environment but builds solid and lasting friendships between members in the process.

We promote a long-term focus on training, emphasising holistic practice, encouraging healthy living and eating, positive lifestyle choices, and looking after our bodies and minds so we can train for many years to come.

Integrity is a fundamental aspect of the martial arts journey. It is the framework by which we make all our decisions and defines how our instructors and students conduct themselves daily, both inside and outside the training hall, with honour and authenticity.

Our classes cater to absolute beginners through to experts. So if you have a positive attitude, are ready to work hard and step outside your comfort zone with an incredible group of people to help keep you motivated along the way, you have found the right place!

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